Bubble tea 珍珠奶茶 (also known as "zhenzhu nai cha"), is a Taiwanese drink that first appeared in the 1980s. It can be served hot or cold, depending on one's taste. It is a milk tea drink, containing tapioca pearls (made from tapioca flour) that can be sucked up with pleasure and amusement thanks to its unique straw. To complete the association of your bubble tea, you can add different toppings of your choice.

Les ingrédients composant nos bubble teas sont essentiellement importés de Taïwan, pays d’origine du bubble tea depuis les années 80. 

Yes. You can however, except for certain flavours, choose how much sugar you want to add into your Bubble Tea when ordering. 

First of all, choose the size of your bubble tea (350 mL/12 Oz, 500 mL/17 Oz, 700 mL/24 Oz), then, a flavor from our menu (you will have to specify if you want to drink it cold or hot - some flavors cannot be served hot), and a topping.

You can also specify how much sugar and ice cubes you would like to have.

bb.TEA suggests a large choice of toppings, depending on available stocks: tapioca pearls, pearls with a fruity taste (lime, raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit, lychee, mango, green apple), aloe vera, jelly (coconut, cocktail, brown sugar, and grass jelly), azuki, basil seeds or pudding (mango or taro).

All bubble teas can be served cold. Some flavors can be hot. Please refer to our menu to see which bubble teas can be drunk cold and/or hot. 

In our shop, we accept cash and credit card (contactless payment from 1€). 

Since 2019, bb.TEA has been in partnership with Uber Eats and proposes delivery in the geographical area indicated by Uber Eats.
To make it easier for you to come for a take-away sale, you can now place your order online from the Eatself Platform.

bb.TEA propose à ses clients réguliers une carte de fidélité vous donnant accès à une offre (10 bubble teas achetés = 1 offert, 350 mL, dont le prix original est 4,50€). 

We also offer many discounts throughout the year that you can check on our social networks or directly in the shop. 

One bubble tea = 1 portion of topping.

When ordering, you can choose up to 2 different toppings without extra cost. 

For gourmets, a extra fee is required for every additional topping. 

Prices depend on the size and type of bubble tea you want. Please consult our menu in our shop or online via the Eatself platform or Uber Eats. 

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